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Hello and welcome to the website. Please take your time to explore the information here, and if you have any further queries you are welcome to contact Danielle personally.

About Danielle

Danielle practices Osteopathy and Psychotherapy and works in a safe and confidential space from a calm and welcoming therapy room, within her home in Bruton. Although Danielle treats Osteopathically and works with Psychotherapy clients, the therapies are separate and she either works with people as an Osteopath or as a Psychotherapist.


Her initial training was in Osteopathy where she graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science honours degree. Following her graduation Danielle volunteered at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, and participated in post graduate Cranial Osteopathy trainings. She also attended several post graduate courses and workshops on pregnancy, post partum and pelvic issues. In Danielle's continued journey towards a more holistic Osteopathic approach she discovered Biodynamic Osteopathy in 2012, a particular form of Osteopathy in the cranial field which was developed by Dr James Jealous. She is currently in the process of learning the Biodynamic pathway taught by Christian Sullivan, and most recently explored Phase V in 2018.

After several years in Osteopathic practice Danielle noticed that many of her patients who were suffering with physical pain, also presented with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. She became interested in the connections between the mind, body and emotions, and pursued this by completing modules in Psychology, Biological Psychology and the Science of the Mind, attaining a Diploma of Higher Education from The Open University.

Danielle believes that we all have the capacity to experience our inherent health and to feel a sense of connection to our well being, and practices this belief system within her Osteopathic care of patients.


As Danielle realised the symbiotic relationship between embodiment and the capacity to experience well being she pursued a deeper understanding of the emotional issues that co-exised with unresolved and unprocessed trauma held in the body. Danielle completed a Buddhist based Psychotherapy course at the Karuna Institute, and has an MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapeutic Practice. Her psychotherapeutic understanding enhances her Osteopathic work with her patients, and she is passionate about working with this transformative approach with her Psychotherapy clients.

Danielle continues to explore the physical, emotional and mental aspects of pain and suffering and feels that the journey towards health and healing is of primary importance for herself, her patients and her clients. She is deeply committed to ongoing learning in her practice and in the path towards embodiment and well being.